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“I have yet to get anything that was not fantastic. Their burgers are top notch. The burgers are served on Wheat Montana buns which are much better than the generic buns most burgers come on. The wait staff are polite and quick, and the owner will often come over and say hi. The place is a friendly diner, where even if your aren’t a local, you will be treated like one.”

—EJ Reed

“Stopped in for lunch a few days ago. Friendly service, good traditional American lunch food with a health conscious twist. Fair prices, fun menu, and decor. We plan to be back!”

—Juidi Alongi

“Fantastic staff, and excellent food. A must stop for any burger lover.”

—Josh Sundquist

“A fun little mom & pop diner out in the country, but not far from town. Great staff and a good vintage atmosphere. Accommodating to the ‘nutritionally sensitive’ with binders of every label they have for all the food products they use.”

—Jeff Power

“The Cruise in Diner is a friendly, 50’s style hamburger joint. The walls are decorated head to toe in beautiful photos of vintage cars. The owner is extremely, friendly, elder gentleman who usually walks around and greets all visitors personally. The food is excellent. This is definitely my favorite burger joint.”

—Daniel Holmlund

“This is one of those place that you always want to find before everyone else. I passed by this place a half-dozen times before finally stopping in and now wish that I had stopped every time. The staff is friendly and attentive, but that’s not why people drive miles out of their way. It’s the food… the kind of food that you immediately know is fresh and made with the best local ingredients made by people who actually care. Pick a burger (any burger) and enjoy the unlimited french fries. More than likely the owner will stop by your table to make sure that you are having a great meal, and you will be.”

—Jake Rahner

“Great food and a hidden gem off the beaten path of life. They truly appreciate everyone that stops in and eats here.”

—Byron Watson

“The Cadillac was the best burger I have had in a long time. Cant wait to cruise by again ! :)”

—Sarah Tuck

“I can’t believe we found a classic burger and fries joint that also caters to our special needs diet! Old school and new world collide! We can grab the grandparents and our gluten/dairy sensitive children and all eat together some really yummy yummy food! What a treat! My children can even have dessert because of the gluten/dairy free. I had the turkey sandwich on gluten free bun and it was delicious. The fries are addictive. Great throwback decor.”

—Christl Ray

“Incredible place! The food is of the highest quality. Everything is good. Best burger I have had in Oregon. The owner Terry is a wonderful man. Great staff. Worth the country drive.”

—Derek Andre

“Great old-school diner atmosphere and food with a twist. They actually use locally sourced and organic options for their food! Love the milkshakes too. Great place to stop in on a hot summer day!”

—Matt Rouse

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